Personal experience: buying a house by the sea

Personal experience: buying a house by the sea

  • Sep 2, 2018

Buying a property abroad for many people becomes a cornerstone. Some consider this investment too risky, others are afraid that the choice of real estate will stagnate, and still others buy property and open a new chapter of their lives in sunny Spain.

We have taken the responsibility to help everyone who wants to live abroad to make the right choice and find their dream home on the coast of Spain. Since then, many people have used our sevices to help with finding, acquiring and registering property  in Spain. Recently we received a letter from one of our clients, named Vyacheslav, who bought a villa on the Costa Blanca. He wrote a sincere and emotional story thanking us for our help in finding his beloved place on the Mediterranean coast.


It all started with an idea. To buy a house by the sea, and live in a warm climate for an afordable price - this has been my dream for a long time. I began to compare European countries close to the Mediterranean sea with beautiful warm currents and almost ideal conditions for yachting, after all, when I as a child, I was admiring Captain Vrungel, I decided to try this sport. I was reading reviews about the regions of Italy, the coast of France, the traditions of Greece and the holidays of Spain, along the way trying to learn about the different options for real estate acquisition in Europe. This process was very long, tormenting, and most importantly, did not lead to anything succesful at the end, because the information represented on the websites was very different. Two websites were giving completely different information about real estate in France. I realised that I did not have the experience or the understanding to independently choose and buy the real estate abroad.

Despite the fact that I had experience of traveling in Europe, Greece, Portugal, France, Italy, as they say - tourism is not emigration and to be honest it was very difficult for me to choose the best place on the beach without help. They say, every place is great when we are not there. All warm countries can surprise with beauty, pleasant climate and historical places and monuments. Any of these countries was worthy of becoming my second home, and the only thing that prevented me from leaning toward "random choice" was the lack of knowledge about the process of buying and owning the real estate. I do not speak English well, and I have not thought about other languages ​​at all. The real test was to understand which real estate and which country would be the best investment and where you are more likely to move and get a residence permit.

So I went to Inmo-Expert - very confused, but still with a great desire to live by the sea.

I only knew a couple of tales about Spain, the dangerous street racing with bulls and the battle of tomatoes. However, my wife and I – we looked on the website and we liked a few Spanish villas. Also on the blog we were able to read about the cities, where the villas were located - so we settled on the idea of seeing the real estate options in Denia, Calpe and Javea. There are many advantages, but one of the most important - there is a British school for children with high ratings. Our son is 11 years old and we want his main language to be English, not Spanish so he can go to study whereever he wants...

From visit trip to moving into the villa

While I was going through the blog, I found an article about the “visit trip” to Costa Blanca and finally decided to take this first step towards "our dream home."

I sent an application for a consultation, filled out a questionnaire - indicated what and where I would like and my budget. Also I explained that I was interested in the visiting trip. And was wondering if I could receive any advice on the registration of residence permits in Spain. A few hours later I received a letter with several types of villas, which could be looked at. I was also advised on how to book the dates for the trip. And we decided – we are going!

We met the coordinator at the airport of Alicante and immediately went to the apartments, which we had rented in Denia. My wife and I went to the city for supper and some exploration. It was the end of October: 26 degrees and a light breeze from the sea, still felt like summer. It was a Quiet and calm town - we really enjoyed it. Even more we liked the food in the restaurant on the beach.

The next morning our coordinator met us and went with us to look at the real estate options in Denia. She told us about the countryside, the Spanish people and life abroad. This trip was like a breath of fresh air - we realised that we would be happy living here.

The following two days were spent visiting the villas and apartments in Benidorm, Moraira and Torrevieja, however, Denia was the one we loved most and in particular its beaches and the port with dozens of yachts. I had a lot of information to think about, I could now feel the coast of Spain in those two days, in ways that as I could not get from any article on the Internet. My wife found one attractive villa. We returned home and decided to take a break for thinking and counting. I really liked the fact, that our coordinator was able to completely answer all our questions regarding Spanish real estate taxes and utility bills, the process of buying real estate, getting a residence permit, and many other topics that interested me, up to and including the rules for registering a car.

As a result, a couple of weeks later I called Inmo-Expert and it was decided to reserve the villa in Denia we had chosen, on the same day to fly to Costa Blanca to get the NIE foreigner number in the police and open a bank account. After we had prepared all the necessary documents the rest was waiting for the villa to become ours. 

During the preparation of the contract of sale, our coordinator controlled the whole process and even found an interpreter for us. After signing the contract, I was registered as a new property owner in the registers of utility providers and a management company of properties, and also registered real estate in my name. The last frontier was taken. I got my dream home by the sea! But there were still questions: How to find a repairman? Connect the Internet? And the security alarm? It seems simple, but without knowledge of the Spanish language it would have turned out very difficult.

So I used the services of Inmo-Expert again. They helped me so much. I have to thank them for installing the security  alarm, internet connection, as well as for prompt repairs. I also thank them for their patience with all the questions and misunderstanding of many things. At the beginning of the visit trip, I knew nothing about the real estate in Spain and I am glad that I used the services of professionals.

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If you spend more than half the year in Spain (183 days +) you will be considered a Spanish resident, and therefore a Spanish tax payer. Although there are exceptions depending on your personal circumstances, such as family and work.