Visit trip to Costa Blanca: thinking of buying property in Spain?

Visit trip to Costa Blanca: thinking of buying property in Spain?

  • Aug 27, 2018

If you are planning on buying a property on the Costa Blanca, but during your stay, as a tourist, did not have chance get fully acquainted with the region, then it would be advisable to go to Costa Blanca once again! And your visiting trip to Costa Blanca will allow you to fully experience the entire colours and beauty of the "white shore".

Such a visit can be useful for you if you are going to buy real estate for vacation abroad or permanent residence in Spain, also if you are planning to rent out the purchased property for short or permanent periods. Another reason could be to find out whether you feel comfortable on this coast or not, if you have not been to the Costa Blanca in Spain before.  And also, if you have already been to our region and such resort towns as Denia, Benidorm, Moraira and Torrevieja, may be just want to combine a pleasant holiday with a useful viewing of properties on the sea. 

What is a visit trip? 

The visit trip is a few days, spent on the sunny coast of Spain, during which we will tell you everything you need to know about buying real estate and living in Spain.

In order to make your visit trip successful and as comfortable as possible, we will arrange some simple steps. We will select apartments for you or will arrange hotel accommodation for the duration of your stay in Spain. We will organise transfer from the airport of Alicante or Valencia to the apartments and back. We will show you around Costa Blanca, tell you about the region and the cities, local traditions, culture, history and way of life of the coast.

And most important, we will show you real estate properties that will satisfy your requirements of permanent residence, investment or renting.

During the whole trip to the villas and apartments of Costa Blanca, our legal experts will advise you on the purchase of real estate.They will give you the best advice regarding the property buying process and the features of property registration in Spain. This information is covered in a separate article: The process of purchase and registration of real estate in Spain

We will calculate the cost of maintaining your property and tell you how to make money on renting it, if you do not reside in it. Also, we will inform you about the taxes, and private and social health insurance in Spain. Inform  you about the rules and procedure for registering and importing a car into Spain by the road inspection.

Our visit trip is designed for at least 3-4 working days.

Before the trip, we will coordinate the trip’s plan with you, so you can receive the maximum amount of information on the subjects you are most interested in. The cost of a trip is 400 euros. More information can read here.

If, during the trip, you have found the your dream home", then you can reserve it for yourself after paying a deposit. And now, on your next trip to Costa Blanca, you will need to receive a tax number from the police, open a bank account and sign a purchase transaction at a notary office in Spain. In order to make the registration of real estate for you as comfortable as possible, we offer for you our services "Preparation for the property purchase"

Please note that it is advisable to plan your visit trip to Spain between September and May, as in the summer months most villas and apartments are occupied by the owners or tenants. Also if you are interested in renting an apartment for the duration of the visit tour, you can look at all available options here.

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If you spend more than half the year in Spain (183 days +) you will be considered a Spanish resident, and therefore a Spanish tax payer. Although there are exceptions depending on your personal circumstances, such as family and work.