Residency in Spain for British Nationals

Residency in Spain for British Nationals

  • Aug 27, 2018

The rules for obtaining the residence permit for British citizens are regulated by the "Royal Decree 240/07" from March 28th, 2007 and requires that all EU citizens, British nationals included, who are planning to live in Spain for more than 3 month should register in person at the Oficina de Extranjeros (Immigration Office) in the province, where they wish to live or in the relevant Police Station. After registration, you will receive credit card size Residence Certificate stating the name, address, nationality, NIE number (Numero de Identificacion Extranjero) and also your date of registration as a resident.

After you have been registered as a resident for five years, you can apply for a certificate of permanent residence in Spain. 

The supporting documentation needed for registration*:

  • Passport or national identity document, 
  • Public or private health insurance (Changes to the residency regulations on 10th July, 2012)
  • Sworn Statement, that they have sufficient resources for themselves and their family members during the period of residence. (Changes to the residency regulations on 10th July, 2012)

*This list of documents is not complete, it should be supplemented by a number of documents, including the registration of a residence permit for family members. For a detailed list of all the required documents, it is best to contact us for advice.

The right of residence is also extended to the spouse or partner registered in a public register, to their children and to those of their spouse or partner, who are less than 21 year old or disabled or older than 21 years of age and dependant on them. 

Family members, who are nationals of EU must apply for registration in the Central Register of Foreign Nationals.

Family members, who are not nationals of EU must apply a residence card to be issued to a family member of a EU national.

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So, you bought or are planning to buy a property in Spain. We will inform you about property taxes and utility bills in this article.
Any owner of real estate, being a resident or non-resident, must frequently pay property maintenance taxes, such as:
The annual municipal tax on real estate property "Impuesto sobre Bienes Inmuebles"
This tax is paid by private individuals, regardless of whether they are tax residents or not. The amount of this taxation in Spain is 1% of the cadastral value of the property, although it may vary slightly, depending on the province in which the property is located.