What to do in Costa Blanca?

What to do in Costa Blanca?

  • Aug 27, 2018

The coast of Costa Blanca annually attracts 5 million tourists. These are some of the reasons why so many people are interested in investing in real estate on the Costa Blanca: a mild climate, developed infrastructure, beaches and beautiful old towns, delicacies of Mediterranean cuisine and a great variety of holiday activities which Costa Blanca can offer. Yachting, golf, hiking routes in the mountains, diving and gastronomic tours - anyone can find something to love here! 

Tours to wineries

Have you ever been to a real winery? Many of them on the Costa Blanca can arrange wine tasting. For example, at Enrique Mendoza winery, one of the most prestigious in Spain, you will be offered to try 4 varieties of white wine and 9 varieties of red, as well as natural olive oil. Traditionally, local cheese and jamon are served with wine. After the meal, Spanish have the siesta, after-dinner rest; on the Costa Blanca this is considered a tradition. You also will be guided through the winery and introduced to traditional process of preparation of the wine. If you would like to know more about wines and be knowledgeable, you need to pay a visit to wineries. More information about wineries of Costa Blanca, for example, underwater Vina Maris, you can read in the article: Wineries of Costa Blanca: Where to find the best wine?

Gastronomic tours

Connoisseurs of gastronomic delights will be attracted by the national cuisine of Costa Blanca and restaurants with 3 Michelin stars, like the Quique Dacosta restaurant. Its owner, the famous chef of Spain, provides visitors with a special tasting menu, where each dish is a culinary and iconic masterpiece. And gastronomic tours along the Costa Blanca includes the best restaurants of the coast, offering to taste local and national dishes.  The Benidorm Cooking Experience tour offers visitors to take part in the preparation of a restaurant meal. In this tour, the professional chefs of the Benidorm Culinary School will teach you how to prepare traditional dishes of Spanish cuisine. The preparation of the meal will begin with the visit to the central market and the purchase of fresh ingredients, following with the preparation of recipes in the culinary school’s professional kitchen, and finishing with the tasting of the prepared meal.

Islands, the sea, diving!

Costa Blanca’s most beautiful islands: Ibiza and Formentera always have been attracting tourists. How to get to Ibiza, the main club island of Spain? It could be reached within 1.5 hours from the port of a small resort town -Denia. However, Ibiza is not only clubs – the island has the purest and most beautiful beaches. But the island of Formentera is a quiet and peaceful corner for those who want to relax away from noisy parties.

Do not forget the sea! On the Costa Blanca you can explore underwater caves, dive and go underwater hunting or take windsurfing lessons. Have you dreamed of going to sea on a yacht for a long time? Here the yacht can be rented together with the captain and the team. But mountain Montgo in Denia is a great place for walking and hiking, as climbing to the top is not so complicated and only 3 kilometres long.

Tour to medieval castles

Well, if you are interested in the history of the Costa Blanca and you are fascinated by the Middle Age- feel free to explore the castles of Spain! And there are about 200 castles in Costa Blanca, including small towers and fortresses. The most famous is the Santa Barbara Castle, located in Alicante. Technically, it is not quite a castle, but a fortress built to protect Alicante from pirate raids. All the coast of the Costa Blanca was built with castles and defensive lines to protect the region against constant attacks from the sea. The reason, why Madrid was chosen to be the capital of Spain, is because Madrid city is located within a safe distance from the coast line. However coastal cities have beauty of many historical castles, standing on the coast line and attracting visitors. About the other castles of the Costa Blanca and the three great castles of Alto Vinalopo, you can read in the article: Traveling around the Castles of Costa Blanca: Medieval Spain!

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If you spend more than half the year in Spain (183 days +) you will be considered a Spanish resident, and therefore a Spanish tax payer. Although there are exceptions depending on your personal circumstances, such as family and work.