Family holidays in a rental house on the Costa Blanca: Children will love it!

Family holidays in a rental house on the Costa Blanca: Kids will love it!

  • Aug 25, 2018

Clean beaches, warm sea, tranquillity and plenty of entertainment for children. Water parks, diving, ride on catamarans, zoos and safari parks, interactive museums, golf schools and yacht clubs! All this is waiting for your child on the Costa Blanca. It is a truly great holiday for parents when children are occupied, isn’t it? Imagine being able to enjoy all this in a house for rent on the Cosa Blanca.

Beach holidays

Here are the best beaches of Spain, the sun shines 305 days a year, and the temperature at the height of summer rises up to over 30oC, warming up the water to a pleasant 27oC, and in winter does not fall below 16oC. Even in September the sea still maintains a pleasant temperature for swimming, and outside it is still comfortable for children between 23 and 25 oC.  Owning a property on the Costa Blanca makes it easy for you to enjoy these stunning beaches whenever you want.

The 200 kilometres long coast of the Costa Blanca has many diverse beaches and natural bays. The best 20 kilometres of the coast line, reviewed by tourists, are clean and spacious beaches in Dénia, the cozy San Juan beach in Alicante, the Levante beach in Benidorm or quiet, family La Vossa in Calpe and Portet in Moraira beaches. These places are great for swimming and also for water sports: diving, kiting, surfing, yachting, walk on water motorcycles and catamarans.

Amusement parks: another attractive reason to become an owner on the Costa Blanca

Young naturalists will love Terra Natura Park in Benidorm, where nature regions of all world continents and even ancient Pangea are represented. Can you imagine a small wild Europe or an ancient continent with a volcano? Among the 200 species of animals, 50 of which are endangered, you can find graceful ocelots, monkey marmosets, big-eyed galago, horned cobra, emperor scorpion, alpaca and many other interesting animals. The fans of extreme sports will love the 400-meter zip line, which allows those brave enough to see the whole park. There is also an aqua park - Aqua Natura, within the boundaries of the park. As you can see, great beach time is not the only tempting reason to have an apartment on the Costa Blanca.

For those, who love rides, wind whistling in the ears and fun mixed with adrenaline - Pola Park, which is near Alicante. This park is deservedly included in the top 10 most visited places for children's recreation in Spain. From the variety of attractions, colours, sounds and bright lights it might seem that you are in the children's Las Vegas. And you can have a free photo with a nice ostrich called Popi - a symbol of Pola Park! An adult ticket costs 15 euros, but child ticket costs 10 euros for all day.

The park Aitana in Alicante is not just a park, this is also a reserve called Safari Aitana. Within the territory of the park of more than 1500 square kilometres, freely live a wide variety of animals. They are not limited by cages, but remain in forests, ponds, rocks and small savannahs. Anyone can watch predatory animals from a safe distance and all the tamed can be fed from hand. The professional safari guide is responsible for your safety during the journey. Don’t know what to do with a child for the day? Invite him to work at the zoo! Think we're joking? No! In Aitana park, you and your child can become a zoo worker for the day!

Zoo Mundomar in Benidorm has collected together singing, floating and flying exotic animals from around the world. Here you can meet royal penguins and fur seals along with tropical birds. In the zoo there is a dolphinarium, which has performances with dolphins, fur seals and parrots.

Summer holidays and education for children

In addition to zoos and amusement parks on the coast, there are numerous Spanish and English summer schools, where you can send your child to language courses. For example, in Torrevieja there is an English summer school of Academia TLC and an international summer camp for children of residents, where your child will not only learn the English language but will be able to develop good social and physical skills, learn new things, and during excursions, visit a lot interesting places in Spain. Children's holidays on the coast are diverse and interesting: there are tennis schools, for example, Ferrer Tennis Academy in the town of Javea, yacht clubs in Denia, which provide children with yachting courses, skate parks, golf clubs, shooting galleries and much more.

Develop in your child the researcher skill to help paleontological and historical museums. For example, the Chocolate Museum of Villajoyosa are the one of the oldest Valor chocolate factories in Villajoyosa. In the Museum of Miniatures in Guadalest you can find small doll houses, miniature copies of celebrities and miniature installations of historical battles. The Toy Museum in Denia is located in the building of the former railway station. Here is a collection of wooden and metal toys that were made in the city from the beginning of the 20th century to the 1960s.

Celebrations and festivals of Costa Blanca: Enjoy being an owner on the Costa Blanca

In addition to amusement parks in Spain, local people like to hold festivals and celebrations. Costa Blanca annually celebrates more than 30 holidays! For example, the historic festival of Moors and Christians, which begins with a solemn procession and the selection of "queen" Guardamar and continues with concerts, dances and children's attractions. Or Valencia Las Fallas festival (festival of fire in Valencia), during which thousands of fireworks explode over the coast, and at night tall figures of Faye, made of burning materials by local craftsmen, are burned in the streets. Or the celebration of the Three Kings during which the main characters of the bright processions are the three wizard-moors: Melchior, Caspar and Balthazar, who give gifts to all the children on the streets. Information about many other celebrations of Costa Blanca, for example; la Tomatina, San Fermin, San Juan festival, is contained in the article: Celebrations and festivals on the Costa Blanca: Why are the Spanish so happy?

Those who own a house by the beach on the Costa Blanca don’t miss anything!

Natural reserves

Costa Blanca is rightfully famous for its nature reserves. There are 12 of them on the coast! And they all are great for wellness walks. The amazing nature of Spain and the climate of Costa Blanca have a good effect on health and well-being. For example, Serra d’Espada Natural Park is covered with valuable groves of cork oak and pine, in its territory there are many villages with an interesting cultural heritage: castles, ancient cities and Roman ruins. But in Denia, the natural reserve is the El Montgó mountain range, which rises 753 meters above the coast (Montgo Natural Park). A unique ecosystem has developed containing about 300 plant species on its territory. There are three walking routes to the mountain, they all have a length of about 3 kilometres and will take 1.5-2 hours.

If you spend more than half the year in Spain (183 days +) you will be considered a Spanish resident, and therefore a Spanish tax payer. Although there are exceptions depending on your personal circumstances, such as family and work.