Warehouse in Polígono Industrial Cheste
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Park Valencia Cheste is located next to the Ricardo Tormo de Cheste motorcycle circuit, adjacent to the A-3 motorway (Valencia - Madrid), with two alternative accesses to the motorway and 5 km from its junction with the A-7 motorway bypass (Barcelona - Alicante), 18 km from the center of Valencia and 14 km from Manises airport by the same A-3 motorway and in Zone 1 of container hauling of the Port of Valencia (28 km).
The park is located in an area of great dynamism, both in terms of consumption and labor, as it is in a strategic location, close to the third largest Spanish agglomeration that has close to two million inhabitants.

Excellent public transport connections - availability of personnel - all infrastructures on site - customized "turnkey" solutions

The park offers units from 4,300 m2 to customized solutions for large logistics operations. Our facilities are suitable for logistics services, light industry and commercial activities.
43,000 m² RENTABLE AREA - 15,000 m² available

High quality buildings.

All the spaces for rent can be adapted, on demand, to the needs of future tenants. As far as possible, we can tailor our buildings to the specific technical needs of the tenant, even when the building is already under construction. An experienced team of specialists will assess customer requirements and ensure effective implementation. We work continuously with the aim of optimizing our buildings, taking into account the needs of the market and its evolution at all times. Energy efficiency and sustainability are, of course, a priority.

All the windows in the administrative areas will be made up of aluminum profiles with three compartments, thermally insulated. The insulating glazing will meet the appropriate heat conductivity levels for the area.

At least 2% of the roof area will be made of translucent materials. These roof windows, skylights, glass panels or similar elements are designed in accordance with fire protection regulations. Automatic smoke evacuation systems will be installed if required by law.

The storage area will be equipped with energy efficient lighting of 200 lux intensity in the space between shelves and 300 lux in the preparation area. Anti-reflective measures are included in the lighting design. The lights will be divided into zones of independent control.

The roof structure will be made up of concrete straps, a steel laminated profile, a layer of vapor insulation and PIR thermal insulation or, failing that, mineral insulation and a top layer of waterproof synthetic or asphalt sheet.

The structure of the building will be made using precast reinforced concrete. Columns will be arranged as standard on a 12 × 24 m (16 × 24 m) grid. The standard clear height between the ground and the lowest part of the roof structure in the warehouse will be at least 10 m.

The storage area will have an ESFR sprinkler installation, in accordance with the requirements of the NFPA regulations. It also includes an internal system of fire extinguishing accessories, an external network of hydrants, fire extinguishers and signaling.

A 500 mm high concrete plinth will be placed around the entire perimeter of the warehouse to protect the façade from shocks from forklifts


All truck access roads, including parking lots and handling areas, will be suitably dimensioned to provide sufficient maneuvering space for fully loaded 18m long vehicles. All access roads and parking spaces for trucks will be paved with concrete tiles. The truck maneuvering area will be paved with concrete in the first 18 m from the loading docks.

Sufficient access ramps to the warehouse and docks are provided for loading and unloading trucks. The standard sectional doors will have dimensions of 3.0 × 3.5 m and will be equipped with viewing windows to the outside. Rubber dock shelters on the outside and fully automatic hydraulic leveling platforms with a load capacity of 60 kN are also standard features.

The facade of the buildings of the warehouse will consist of prefabricated sandwich panels, with PIR thermal insulation of approximately 100 mm or equivalent. The supporting structure of the facade will be attached to the concrete columns of the building.

The office area will have air conditioning and false ceilings with mineral fiber panels. According to the customer's needs, the floor coverings will be made of high-quality carpet, tiles or other materials. The interior doors and the colors of the walls can be customized according to the client's wishes.


The floors of the warehouse will be built using concrete reinforced with steel fibers. These pavements will be placed on a compacted lower layer (maximum load of at least 80 MPa), covered with a polyethylene separating sheet. The maximum load capacity of the pavements will be at least 50 kN / m2. The surfaces will be hardened and mechanically smoothed. (The flattening of the surface will be carried out in accordance with the most demanding planimetry standards in logistics)

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  • Living Area:  15000m²
  • Floors:  1
  • Year of construction:  2020
  • Condition:  new
  • km. to the sea:  28
  • km. to the city center:  18

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